Love and Peace

Is it through love that one finds peace or is it through peace that one finds love? This was a question posed to me.

One does not find love; one is love. By expressing love, you are remembering and experiencing yourself for what you are, love. You are love. It is not given to you by another. You give it to yourself. No one can give you more than what you already have. So knowing yourself as love brings the memory of love and who you are as love. It also brings you the peace each individual truly desires within. The soul knows the way. Let it guide you.

You will also discover the peace that already resides within you. It is a place within where one can be at rest and let all the other cares fall away. It is a place you can visit or choose to reside within. It is always there for you. When you find that place of peace within and learn to reside there, you also bring that peace outside of you, extending it to others and into the world around you.

Love can do the same thing. When you learn to reside in the love that you are, you extend it to the world around you, offering the gift of remembrance to others around you. From there, it extends out to the people around those you have gifted with assisting them to remember who they are and it moves out from there, spreading to many more individuals.

It is not through the outside world that one ‘finds’ love. For most people, the lesson of 3D living is one of showing you who you are not and what you do not want to choose for yourself and your life. As we seek outwardly, we learn more quickly what it is we choose to have in our lives and what we do not choose to be in our life. Every second of every day we choose what it is we want. What is it you choose to express? Peace and love go hand in hand together.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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