One Can Walk Through Anything; Remove the Doubt

This is just one of the lessons coming up for so many people now. Doubt is fear based. Fear keeps you from connecting to your inner guidance and from making the best decision or choice. Fear and love cannot exist in the same space.

What are the unsupportive messages holding you back? Who gave you the doubt or unsupportive messages growing up? When an unsupportive message shows up in your mind, do you let it flow by you to be released or do you grab it and attach yourself to it, taking it back again?

How can you take your power back? The answer is one step at a time. Believe and know you can walk through anything. If you are scared or unsure, ask an angel to walk through it with you, holding your hand if necessary. They will. I have used this method many times after I moved to New Mexico and was challenged in so many ways, especially not knowing anyone. If you want a signal that an angel is with you, they will give it. They cannot do the work for you but they will walk with you.

People do not like change; however change is necessary and chaos brings change. If you want assistance on moving forward on your path into the fifth dimension, then take a look at my newest book, Riding the Waves of Ascension, Tools for the Transition from the Second to the Third Phases of Ascension. It is co-authored by Archangel Michael who oversees my work and the book. Archangel Raphael and Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda’s guru, send the information to me through love and light across the bridge which is Archangel Gabriel. Other than putting it all together, I give my experiences and especially those that commonly occur on all paths. Some people have told me I was strong and they are not. I started out like anyone else, one step at a time. I like to think of myself as persistent; the archangels think it is being stubborn.

Take a look at my book or read an excerpt from Riding the Ascension Waves on Amazon. It will take you to the final phases and open the door to higher dimensions. If you know of someone else who could benefit from my blogs or my newest book, please pass this blog on.

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