It is with great joy that we bring this to you since things are already changing in so many ways and yet the great majority of the people are unaware of all that has been going on behind the scenes on their behalf. Many of those who have held the light and remembered the ways you are to return to are stepping forward and doing their part. Things are changing quickly now and soon so will its people.

All are being given an opportunity to return to the good within and to stop the extreme humanity has reached. It is to be a time of peace. Those who want war for profit can play elsewhere. It is now time for the people to step forward and choose what they desire and to make right what needs to happen.

The children know the way within. They have come at this time to assist those who have lost their way. Many other individuals never felt like they belonged here. They came from higher dimensions to assist in bringing in the fifth dimension. It will be a time when all must come together to care for the planet and for one another.

Much has been taken to extremes and the extremes must be brought back into the balance of life for all to survive on earth. Much must change and yet many will not notice the depth of change that will come. It will just look the same with little change for those who ignore the happenings. Many no longer watch your news. It fills with violence instead of all the good occurring in many areas. Individuals have rebelled in their own way while others go to extremes.

Now it is time to be who you came to be. Step forward and say ‘yes’ to the shift. It will happen in your heart and all will change for the betterment of everyone instead of a few. There is still much that is not known by the general public. How can the people stay up with all the happenings when they are overwhelmed within their own personal lives?

People know something is coming and so many are preaching the collapse of the economies, etc. Some are calling it Armageddon. Instead of being a naysayer, look at the good that is taking place and what is to come. See the destruction for the beauty that it is. From the ashes rises the phoenix, the bird of change that has already been seen in the sky as a symbol of the new age. All have asked and waited for this time to arrive. It will not happen overnight, for it has been progressing for many years on different levels.

Many have come forth with the truth but not so much on your mainstream news. The time is coming when this too will change. The few will no longer control the many. Each person takes responsibility to treat others as he or she wants to be treated, to take pride in his or her work and to assist others. It will be the greeting of others with love and doing your work with love instead of boredom.

Yes, many things will change. It has started within the hearts of many and is moving to the outer world as a new age. Choose to be a part of the new and allow the rest to fall away. Open your hearts to what is possible.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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