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Bringing in your energy

At night, you do a lot more than sleep. Your body may be resting but your spirit is busy. What kind of things does your spirit do during the sleep state? At this time, there is a spiritual war which you may be involved in. I have talked with several individuals who could not figure out why they had bruises after sleeping. Maybe you are working with others to create something that could be brought out in the future for our world.

You may even be visiting others elsewhere or even working with an archangel. The archangels have teams that assist others who ask for help. Archangel Michael’s team protects individuals when asked for it. Saying the word ‘help’ or even thinking it can bring assistance when needed. This is the key to obtaining assistance. Archangel Raphael is the healing angel. I have worked on his team and I have also been helped many times. These are just a couple of the archangels and how they assist mankind. There are many other things you may also be also working with.

When waking up in the morning, some of your energy could still be elsewhere outside of your energy field. You may feel like you are totally in your body.

To bring your energy into your field, stand with your hands extended out from the shoulders on each side and palms facing forward with fingers touching. Bring your palms slowly toward each other in front of you as if to complete a circle. You might feel your energy or the edge of it as you pull it together. Then bring your hands to your heart, one hand over the other to ground your energy in your body. Sometimes you may have to do it more than once. Do not try to rush through it. You may feel more grounded. Do this every morning and you will notice the difference.

Setting aside all your worries

At the end of January I had a long to do list of things needed to be done by early April. These were things like gathering all the information for taxes, having my gas log fireplace actually work, stuccoing my house, having a skylight and gutter replaced from a storm which was a potential hazard for a high window, etc. Finding people to do the work was bad enough but having the costs triple or more with a nine week or more waiting period made it worse.

A friend told me to gather all of my projects and worries about them together and place that bundle on my right side just to the side of my shoulder and leave that bundle there. Your left side is for incoming energy and the right side is for what is leaving. After this exercise, worrying about all I had to do did not bother me much. Yes, my to do’s are either started, waiting on parts or someone else, or finished. Why hang on to what does not serve you (worry)?


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