Imagination and Meditation

The angels, archangels and ascended masters are here to serve the masses, assisting those who want to move forward on their path. It is a pleasure for them to work with so many wonderful souls determined to continue on the path, to make a difference and to bring your world and residents fully into the fifth dimension where so many choose to reside.

It is a place that many have only dreamed of. Dreaming is only one way to create, for as you give it more attention and add details, it becomes more real. Most children use the dream state and their imagination to create. They feel safe there. It is a place that they can come and go to whenever they want, especially when their environment on Earth is not as pleasant as they would like it to be.

As adults, you can also visit the dream state, but often forget how vivid it was as a child. Meditation can be similar to the dream state. One can go through the heart which is the hub where all roads lead from. As children, it was so easy to dream and create. As you age, it may not be so comfortable. Many of you are unwilling to trust yourself.

Meditation is a one-point focus. As children, it was easy to focus on your dream world because it was fun. You created whatever you wanted without concern or worry. It can be the same when you meditate, except now you may not be so trusting and carefree as the child. As adults, you have been indoctrinated into the world around you and have learned not to trust people or always see the good within them.

Those you may meet in meditation come from various places and may not have your highest good in mind. Protect yourself by asking for guidance and assistance from your guides, angels and archangels or whomever you trust. You should have a specific purpose you want to accomplish. Ask your question; such as, “What is the next step I need to take to achieve my goal of (fill in the blank)?”

Clear your mind so you can focus on your intent. This part takes practice as your mind runs rampant. Let the thoughts pass by as if they are clouds as you bring yourself back to following the breath in and out of the body.

Learn to clear your mind and become the observer. This helps you see a clearer picture or have a better understanding of what is occurring around you. You are becoming one who is in the world but not of the world. You are raising your vibration and clearing your baggage so you can look at things from a higher perspective. When you learn to stay in higher dimensions or keep your vibration at a higher level, that which is no longer supportive of you in the lower dimensions falls away.

It is amazing what one can accomplish as you move further on your path. Life becomes a meditation as you flow through it and see things from a different perspective of how to create your own heaven on Earth.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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