Relax and Enjoy Life

Relax? With all the stress in the world, it is difficult to imagine much of anything being accomplished. Relaxation is important.

There are many ways to relax. It might be walking away from your computer or your social media for ten or fifteen minutes, taking a walk in nature or calling a friend you have not talked to for awhile. Not only will you feel refreshed, you will feel happy for the break. When you are happy, you are relaxed.

If you are thinking about all the things you need to do, how can you be in the moment? To bring yourself back into the present, sit in a chair with your eyes closed, feet on the floor and hands on your thighs. Breathe in slowly to the count of four, hold to the count of four. Then exhale to the count of four and hold your breath to the count of four. Repeat this three times and open your eyes. You may see things a little differently.

You may also use meditation. If you meditate in the morning for five or ten minutes, it should assist in starting your day off right. You might even decide to do so at night just before going to sleep. It can help you sleep better.

Manifesting is difficult when you are upset, worried or let your mind wander to all the problems of the outside world. They are not your problems. Everything will work itself out eventually. Your concern and worry about things put you back into the third dimension. Since that is not where you are choosing to be, you need to do the work. It may sound easy, but easy needs tools and practice to accomplish what is desired.

So we say to you today, “Relax, have fun, enjoy your own work and what you choose to create in your world.” This is a good time to relax and use the creative process to assist you by keeping your mind on your work of creating. You will be given assistance as needed.

In the higher dimensions, you will find things coming to you as you sit relaxed and focusing on what you desire.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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