Be Thankful

Instead of looking at others who have more than you and wanting what they have, look at what you have and appreciate all of it. You already have everything within you for this journey. Recognize it and it is so. Anything else that is needed will be given to you or someone else will assist you with what might still be needed. If you are not using something any more, instead of letting it gather dust, give it to someone who will use it or needs it. This makes room for something else you may need.

If you are going to be alone during the holiday, consider giving your time for a worthy cause or create your own cause. Helping others just because you can is very rewarding. If you are feeling down, there is always an individual worse off than you. The littlest thing can make another’s day. Holidays are a time of giving and receiving. It is not what you give to another; it is that someone thought enough of you to give you something or just wish you happy holidays.

The holiday season is also a time to be thankful. Some individuals use a gratitude booklet to record what they are grateful for. Another way is when you ‘talk’ to God in daily prayers; thank Him/Her for everything that has been given to you and for everything that has happened to you, whether you feel it as being supportive or unsupportive. What may be considered unsupportive to you may be a gift from God, making the situation easier than it would have been. Even though God knows what is going on in your life, God wants you to tell Him/Her about it. All of us have had challenges in life; they are called lessons. We have also had many blessings. If you thank God for your blessings and truly mean it, you may find yourself receiving even more blessings.

Blessings will come your way; whether you recognize them as blessings or not is up to you. You do not need to recognize them as such. Instead, be grateful for everything that comes your way. It may be given with a big helping of grace so you can overcome your lessons quickly and move forward on your journey.

It is truly a blessing to be given such lessons to push you forward. All of this is being orchestrated at the highest level and done with love. This is why you should be grateful for everything that comes your way. So much is given in grace. Please receive it as such and be thankful for it. You don’t know if it would have been much worse and it does not matter when you are thankful.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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