Living in the Now

Now is a time of being; being in the now and keeping yourself in the now in each moment of the day. This assists you with clarity, seeing things as they truly are. Sometimes things feel or look big to you and they are not so. It is the mind and your fears that are coming up to challenge you. Know you are okay and that God never gives you more than you can handle.

Yes, we are all here to deliver this message to you for it is an important one everyone needs to hear. See everything and everyone as love and with love. Love conquers all. It is the only thing that is real. This may sound simple but it is not easy. It may feel overwhelming to you. It is not. We are taking you on a journey of love for it is the easiest path and the most traveled path. You have often heard that God is love. He is and much more than that.

If you see everyone as love, then there is no room for fear or anything else. You have perhaps read about the Masters of the Far East and how they used love in everything they did. It is no secret; however, most people are not aware of what man would call a miracle and we would call an everyday event. Man is learning again about the realms and where they came from.

It is easier to not know about something because then you could ‘stick you head in the sand,’ as some would say, and go along your routine of everyday denial of who you are. Those days are coming to an end. People prefer order and comfort in their daily routine and do not like changes; yet, change is the only certainty.

To move forward on your path, you must learn your lessons and use what you learned when needed. With practice, you will find your life more comfortable and less upsetting when things do throw you off kilter. You will know what to do as you learn your lessons. You will find things come to you instead of you going out and having to obtain the item you want. It is even better than popular online ordering and having it delivered to your home.

We say life becomes easier for you and for everyone. There is no need for war or the division of the have and have nots which is characteristic of the third dimension. Everyone can create what they desire. As we have said before, you are responsible for your creations. If they are not for the highest good of all, then perhaps they need to be rethought. If what you create is for the highest good of all, then it is also good for you. There is no need to take someone else’s ideas or copy their work. All of you are creators and have the ability to create whatever you desire.

These things are preparing you for life in much higher planes. What do they look like? Mary has already seen glimpses of what is to come. The pictures she viewed were serene and beautiful; peaceful places where one could sit and observe the beauty of nature and one’s self or take a walk on a golden beach where only the faint voices of others are in the background. One can experience the calm, quiet and peaceful sea.

All is beauty. You become who you have always been and are remembering who you are again. You will meet family members from other lifetimes and greet those in the present and interact with others on different time lines, for everything happens at the same time; the present time or now.

These are some of the things that await you. There are challenges along the way, for you must learn your lessons and retrain yourself, remembering who you are. There are so many who love you and would help you when needed. When you intend to move forward on your path and work toward your goal, then much help is given. There are so many who love you and want to help. You must remember; they cannot assist you unless you ask for it since Earth is a free will, free choice planet. Even just saying ‘help’ mentally is enough to receive assistance.

We wish you well on your path. There are many paths and all lead to the same place; home. We look forward to seeing you in the higher dimensions.

Blessings to you,


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