Choices and Different Paths

What is true for one may not be for another. We are all on different paths to the same destination, sidetracking for various reasons. All will arrive. It is up to us what we wish to experience and how that may look for each of us.

We have all been on bumpy roads. Sometimes they are exciting and adventurous. Often times we run out of gas and the cell phone doesn’t work. No reason to be upset for taking the detour. See it as an opportunity to discover more about yourself and your surroundings.

I was traveling with a friend to a craniosacral workshop in Santa Barbara in the 90’s when traffic was backed up. Knowing of another route through Ojai, we turned off and took the route that would make us late. Along the way I pointed out the rolling hills, the greenery and the little often unnoticed by those late to work. We arrived a little late, but my attitude was one of thankfulness for life’s beauty otherwise missed. The attitude set the tone for my day and for the week long workshop which was most rewarding.

Change happens in our lives for many reasons. We can fight the changes or accept the change. Fighting the change takes a lot more energy than acceptable. Acceptance says,” Ok. Here is where I am now; where do I go from here?” This allows one to open up to what may be next. The universe says, “Óh, you are open to change. Ok. I’ll give you more.” Attitude affects this also; jf your attitude is positive, then so will be what comes next. That does not mean it will always look like something great or wonderful for you. Maybe the gift of the situation will be discovered later; it could be years later.

I chose a university away from home when I left high school. I knew I was naïve and limited in my experiences and needed to be fully on my own and responsible for only myself, allowing me to grow and to explore who I really was rather than marrying. l wanted to know love and to experience love, which for many of us becomes a life’s journey

Success can take a lifetime. I have had students in class that just wanted the answers to what they needed and not the rest of the show. They didn’t want to interact with others and felt it was a waste of class time. My experience has shown them to be the very intelligent one with a high IQ. At different steps of life my path has intertwined with these personalities. Some became close friends; others did not. We are all on different paths to the same destination.

Wishing you love in all that you do,




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