It is through difficulties that we become strong. If there were no difficulties, then we would not be challenged. Imagine a life where everything flowed. Some of us would be bored and others would be happy. But would we grow? Would we strive to be the best that we could be and remember who we are?

Life is made up of little difficulties, each with its own solution or blessing. Each difficulty presents a lesson and when we achieve that lesson, we feel stronger and more confident, restoring our power one step at a time. For some, the lesson may take us awhile to complete. If we do not learn it in one situation, it will present itself again and again until the pattern is recognized, overcome and released.

Everyone wants to accomplish something big. First, we must master the little difficulties along life’s way before we tackle the big things. It is one difficulty at a time that allows us to feel strong and take our power back from all those to whom it was given.

They are all lessons you created on your path to assist you in learning and remembering who you are. If it becomes tough and you feel it is too much, ask what the lesson is and the easiest way to learn it. Ask that your lessons be gentle and easy.

Wishing you love in all that you do,





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