Lessons Made Easier

This past weekend I attended a birthday party in the East Mountains and began talking to a friend I had not seen since before COVID. She was talking about how upset she was because of a repeating theme and did not know why it was happening to her. I explained it was a lesson and that she was seeing the lesson from different perspectives for whatever reason.

She was upset and could not understand lessons are not taught like they are in school, one small part at a time. She wanted to know what the lesson was and learn it her way. I explained she chose the way to learn that lesson for a reason and explained that if she was not happy with how it was presented, then she could ask that her lesson be gentle and easy.

We created our path with the help from guides and others on the other side before this lifetime. If it is too much for you and you want to have an easier way once you are in the midst of the lesson, just ask that the lesson be gentle and easy for you or presented in another way.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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