Finding Community

It is time to continue on your journey on the higher road. Avoid the lower road by keeping your own power and not giving it away to others. Your life is for you to do what you choose. Others are trying to take your power from you and may start with trying to be your friend. Little by little you may start noticing in small ways how your friend becomes more demanding, wanting you to do what he or she wants you to do and not even considering your feelings or opinion.

You do not need friends like that. Sometimes you do not really know the other person until you travel with the individual. They will try to make others in the group think it is you and he or she is the better person. Power over you comes in different ways. There are groups that will try to sway your beliefs, even calling several times a week and inviting you to their gathering. Even metaphysical groups will try to bring you into their beliefs, whether it be for the money, bringing in new members or to have more control over you.

It all comes back to power over another, whether it be through control, money or some other means. Be alert to what happens around you, particularly when you are with your ‘friend.’ Does that individual try to get you to agree with him or her and becomes a little pushy about it? Be aware of what you think rather than discard thoughts or making excuses of ‘she must be having a bad day.’ If you are not working together for the benefit of both of you, then the relationship is one-sided and not for you.

Some people like to be alone for different reasons. One reason is that you have no one else to boss you around or tell you that you are wrong. You can go to the show you want to see instead of one you are not interested in, but go because the other person is adamant about it. Our co-author prefers not to do things with those who are domineering. To be in your own power means you know what is right and when someone is trying to use you. Do not allow it. You are in control of yourself, what you do and say. Watch your words because they will determine the way you live. Be gentle to others and with others and do not allow others to tell you what is best for you or your body. If a doctor tells you surgery is needed, did you check to see if it is yours or someone else’s? This is why you need to pay attention to your body, especially if you are an empath.

Put your life back into order. Clean things out and get rid of what you do not use or need. Organize your papers and prepare a ‘go bag’ for your car, etc. Most of all, give yourself permission to be in charge of your life. Learn to make decisions, weighing the different sides and if needed, research it on the internet. When things go wrong, your ‘friend’ who urged you to do something will step back and let you look as if you are the one who did it. It is your fault you took the person’s advice.

Let your life flow. Do what you enjoy doing to balance the work you do to make a living. Put yourself back together again and take control over your life before you become a friend to someone else. Be the friend to yourself first. For safety, be aware of your surroundings at all times and be cognizant of those who want to do things with you. Notice their body language and how they respond to you. You want someone who is congenial rather than demanding.

Community should be made up of like minds and those with various skills to augment others within the group. Look around you at those in your social groups. Be open to others of like mind and get to know those who are being drawn to you. Could you trust that person with your life or would you be the one they always come to with their problems? Have they done the work? Could you rely on the individual in an emergency? Do you have similar beliefs or paths? This does not mean one must have the same political party. That is not what life is about. Can differences be set aside to get along with others?

If you cannot find individuals who meet your criteria, make a list of traits needed for your community. Work on it and then set it aside for awhile and review it again. You may need to do so more than once.  When you feel it is complete, then ask for the community you want and thank God everyday for what you asked for and be open to how it arrives.

A third dimensional community where you are searching for a doctor, mechanic, handyman, etc., would be different from community at a higher dimension. Those in the fifth dimension will just know things and perhaps those on higher levels can create what is needed. Select what you need in the moment.

Wishing you well in all you do,


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