Your Start Up for a New Year

I hope your holidays were a good time for you and your family. At present, many Americans may feel down about what is going on in our country, but do not give up. Stand in your truth. Do not give up because truth always wins in the end and sets you free.

You already know that change brings chaos. Many individuals and families have decided to leave the state they lived in, perhaps for most of their lives. They may be moving for various reasons such as the ‘peaceful protests’ (riots) in major cities. Instead of moving to another big city or suburbs, they are moving farther out to very small cities or even farther from civilization such as on a ranch. Many have purchased RVs and decided to travel.

With so many businesses shutting down, other small businesses are being started as an adventure. According to Power Path, this month is all about start ups instead of just change. It is a major change such as starting a business you always wanted to do but never did. Look within. That is where you find your truth and assistance to do your start up, whatever it may be. These can be exciting times for those who are willing to step into the changes you always wanted to do but for whatever reason did not.

Note the word ‘adventure’ is a daring, hazardous undertaking according to Webster’s New World Compact Desk Dictionary and Style Guides, 2nd edition. My first adventure with the archangels and Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda’s guru, was driving my husband’s truck for the first time from California to Colorado to take our furniture and belongings out of storage and drive back to California after he died.  On my way to Colorado, I stopped to spend time in nature, camping in the truck and taking unknown side roads to wherever they took me. I even stayed a night at an old friend’s house high in the mountains. I felt perfectly safe no matter where I went and it was a wonderful adventure, meeting others and enjoying the trip.

When I moved to New Mexico, I was told to see it as an adventure. It was far from my Colorado adventure and more like the dictionary definition. Would I do it again? Yes! Even with so many challenges, it took me to where I needed to be. What is my start up for the new year? It is working with a master to prepare me to be one myself.

What will you start up be? What have you always wanted to do? Go within and ask yourself.

Wishing you love in all that you do,





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