Chaos Brings Change

More needs to be said about the fifth dimension since this will be your planet’s new platform. The jump from the third to the fifth dimension is one of great change since you must move through the fourth first. The fourth dimension is one of being; being in a state of observation and neutrality as if watching a movie without emotions. Unsupportive thoughts and the dramas and traumas of life do not belong here.

Fourth dimension allows one the opportunity to observe so one can make better choices. It is the opportunity to be in the present moment and watch the play of life from a different perspective. As you move into higher planes, your thoughts manifest faster. Being in the present helps keep you away from manifesting unsupportive thoughts.

Being in the present also allows you to make better choices such as the path to choose when coming to a crossroad such as we are doing now or during the shift. The opportunities are observed. Clips of a lifetime may be shown to you. Perhaps it comes as a family portrait, offering you a more cohesive family than you had in this lifetime. You are in charge of your choices. Your soul is aware of the choices and can assist you. Since most of you will be continuing on the earth as a fifth dimensional planet, we suggest you practice being in the present and use some of the other skills and tools.

Love is the key to so many things. Notice if you react or stay neutral in emotional situations around you. If you are emotional about something, then you have not fully released the situation. In order to walk through the chaos one will need to remain neutral to see things for what they are. Allow those things that no longer serve you to fall away. There will be earth movement and other such adjustments in times ahead. The earth must also release and restructure through all the changes to come. The changes are being smoothed out so to speak so things will be less upsetting to humans. Allow earth to make her changes. If it means you need to move, then you need to move. You will know if you stay in the present and listen to your inner guidance. It is there to assist you.

Come from a place of allowing rather than of reacting. You want to remain in the higher frequencies. When you find yourself starting to react instead of observing, close your eyes and inhale to the count of four through your nose. Hold for the count of four and then release the breath to the count of four through your mouth. After waiting to the count of four, repeat for a total of three times. This will bring you back into the present. Closing your eyes helps you to focus more. When you open your eyes, you may notice things look and feel a little different. Welcome to the present.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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