Time to Wake Up

Today is an awesome day. If it is not, then what can you do to make it more interesting or fun? It is your life and you are the ruler of your life. Learn how to live it. Go for a walk and notice the plants, their colors and how the light plays with them as they grow upward, always reaching toward the light. That is what you are doing also. Humans are a part of nature and must abide by her laws.

Whether you realize it or not, you too are reaching upward toward the light. It may take many lifetimes or just a part of a lifetime. It depends on you. Along the path are many side roads where one may choose to explore wisdom from ancient times or discover something new from someone who passed and wants you to continue their research. There are always opportunities along the way.

Life offers many roads and alternatives. There are many ways of exploring what you desire to experience. There are many paths to choose from. It is up to you. There are many other worlds and ways of living that can be explored by you. It is always your choice. While we are at a turning point in this cycle of exploration and returning to God, you have many choices. Choose wisely, for you will live by your choices.

As you grow and learn, you will be able to jump timelines if you so desire. Earth is once again choosing to move into the fifth dimension which is the lowest level of divinity. This time universal law will apply, punishing those who have intentionally harmed others. You are also being given much assistance, but you must ask for it and do the work. Others, even angels, will walk or stand beside you or hold your hand, but you must do the work. You must clear yourself and all parts of you. You can no longer dump your unfinished business on others. It is time for people to wake up.

Do you really know what is occurring in your world? It is time to pull you head out of the sand and observe what is truly happening before it is too late to take your power back.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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