Understanding the Meaning of Your Words, Part 2

We have said before words have power and thoughts become words. They are your creation. They can build up another’s confidence or your words can destroy the individual. Be careful what you create. If you encourage others, they will work on living up to your expectations and see you as a positive influence in life. If you belittle another, it usually does not strengthen the receiver or sender. If the individual continues to hear the same unsupportive statement, then he or she begins to believe it and lowers his or her own expectations to those of others who are doing the belittling.

If you begin throwing your words around, it is as if you were throwing gold around. It is as if nothing you say has meaning. People no longer trust or believe in you. Take a look at your life. Have you ever belittled another person? Sometimes it comes out of frustration by the individual or the situation that is occurring in life. At this time, most people are going through tough times, either economical or stress-related. So many things are being thrown at others that one becomes confused and somewhat lost.

Return to your center. Focus on the present to understand what is really occurring. Is it the words others have said to the person making the unsupportive statement(s) revisiting him or her, reminding the person, “You cannot do anything right” or “What is wrong with you?” Words stay in the place where they were said and in your mind. When you are around an individual who puts you down, those words or actions may return to you and you choose not to be around the other individual.

Usually the unsupportive words spoken are often said because the other person was upset with what was happening in his or her life. It is better for the individual to excuse his or herself and leave than it is to make the unsupportive thoughts that came as a reaction rather than an action. By this, we mean when you are upset and lash out at another, it is not the other person’s fault. Instead of blasting rage at another, step back into the present and look at the situation from a higher place; a place where you have thought through the situation and take the necessary action if any is needed. If you throw unsupportive thoughts at another, you are reacting without even thinking about what you said. Is this something you would want someone else to do to you? If you have been on the receiving end of the unsupportive thoughts, then you will understand what we are saying.

Words are things, your creation. If you keep telling yourself you are no good because others have told you so, then you will live down to match their expectations. Remove the unsupportive thoughts as they are said to you. You might mentally use, ‘Those are your thoughts, not mine,’ or add ‘You may not be living up to your highest good or choose to, but I do and I am doing so.’ Use whatever you need to block the unsupportive thought(s). Staying inside your auric field and using that as a border between your energy and the other’s energy will also assist. Know who you are and you will not have such an issue.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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