Time Can Be Illusive

Time for many of you seems to be acting erratic. You may be doing a small task and after looking at your watch you notice an hour or more has passed. It may have seemed like just a few minutes. Maybe you laid down for a few minutes to rest. After what seems like fifteen minutes is almost two hours.

Lately, the opposite has been occurring to me and to others around me. Friends have said it is as if time has slowed down. What would normally take over an hour ended up being fifteen minutes or less.

For some, everything revolves around time. You have to be here at this time and there at that time, etc. Slow down. Tweak time instead. I used to volunteer to lead a Tai Chi Chih practice at a community senior center just before lunch. Some of the ladies did not want to be late for the lunch line before it closed. A tape was used so the class did not go too fast after the warm up and needed information or discussions. Practice ended usually around 12:30.

One week they were done by 12:15 after starting late. One lady thought the clock in the room was off. No. I had tweaked time. Time can be manipulated. Ask and intend that what you need to finish by a particular time does so. I used it several times for the class so they did not miss lunch. I have also used it when driving to an important appointment. I just asked for assistance in getting to my appointment safely and on time.

Next week, I will write about how it can be used by you to travel back or forward into the past, future or elsewhere and give you some of the reasons for doing so.

Time exists in the third dimension. In the upper realms, time does not exist. I use it as a tool, but only when I really need it. Play with time and see how it works for you. Please do not make it a habit. Use it only when needed.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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