The Key is Within

The key to the kingdom is within. It is all within. That is why I ask you to connect with your inner world. There you will find what you have created for yourself, your kingdom. Every kingdom has a ruler and you are the ruler of your kingdom. Does this surprise you? It should not.

Those who want to rule your current world have not gone within to see what they created for themselves. If they did, they may not have been so eager to rule the world around them. Have you gone within? Do you keep in touch with those who assist you from your inner world? What creates your inner world? It is you and it is done in love and with love.

It is time to look within and to see what you created. It may or may not be what you desire. If it is not your perfect world, then change it. Add to your world what is needed and remove that which no longer serves you. Do not clutter your world with what you do not want. Remove it. Tell it to be gone. So many individuals have asked how to change their outer worlds to make them better. It is easily done by changing your inner world first. What is within is also without.

Meditate or pray and ask to see what your inner world that you created looks like. Ask that it be shown to you. If you do not understand what you see, then ask that it be shown to you in another way. If you are not sure whether you interpreted correctly or not, ask for verification or more information.

When enough individuals desire the same thing, then it will appear in your outer world. It is that easy.

Wishing you love in all that you do and a wonderful Thanksgiving,


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