Helping Others and Yourself

Yes, another day has passed and what have you learned? Many things may come to mind. How much do they matter to you in the overall picture? Did you experience love and did you share it with others? Did you learn something that would better your life or the lives of others? Have you helped another person along the way or were you worried more about how bored you were just watching reruns again which does not benefit your brain?

Are you meditating or praying for those who cannot pay the rent or put food on the table for their family? Yes, many have less than you do. How are you assisting them? It is usually those who have little that do much. Volunteering to hand out food or put food boxes together is an easy job. Your world has become a ‘me’ world. Look around and see what others are doing to make a difference and then ask yourself, “What can I do to help?” You could also ask God how you can best help others at this time. Yes, many of you do not want to be out more than you have to because of the virus. You could still make masks or sort through your children’s toys to give to those who may not have any. School is opening and supplies are needed. You can go online to donate instead of shopping for the supplies.

If you think you cannot do anything to assist, then you cannot. If you think you can, then you can. According to Henry Ford, you are right either way. Ask in prayer what your part is or what can you do. The least one can do is pray for those who are without a place to live or food for their family. Every little bit helps. When you walk down the street you can bless those around you and ask that they be given the assistance needed or that they assist one other person in their life. It could be calling an old friend who lives alone or lost their spouse or a family member. Some are back to work and others are not. Maybe you have an unemployed friend who is struggling. Perhaps he or she could help with repairing things around your house, mowing the lawn, cleaning your home or something else. Every little bit may be a blessing unto them.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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