Find the Kingdom Within

Things are moving fast. It does not look like it is peace that is engulfing the planet, but most of you desire to be at peace with all beings on Earth.

Peace does not come from rioting or fighting each other because someone’s beliefs are different from yours. Fighting only brings more of the same. To achieve peace, one must be at peace with one’s self. From there, it can be expanded to the outer world. War and fighting others only brings more, and a disconnection, from what is really wanted.

Wanting your voice to be heard through violence does little more than create a lower energy field that can entrap one into more violence. It becomes a situation of being controlled by others who want to rule and play God.

If you want to find God, look within. The kingdom of heaven is within and has always been within each of you. You are the ruler of your inner kingdom. Turn within when you are looking for answers. Ask your question and wait for the answer. The answer is in the same space as the question was asked.

As a ruler, remove what you do not want from your inner kingdom and then add what you do desire. What is within is also outside of you when enough people desire the same thing. Find your inner peace and dwell there. Then choose to bring it forth into the outer world around you by being the peace you desire.

There is the upward spiral and the downward spiral. The downward spiral keeps you in the third dimension where there is separation, duality, control of others, etc. It is the game you have been playing for many ages. Now it is time for you to move forward on the upward spiral of peace, joy, love, and abundance for all. Yes, it does exist. Create your place of peace within and bring it into your outer world where others will notice and follow your lead.

Listen to your inner guidance and be aware when things occur. Develop your critical thinking when something does not look right, or if something about what is happening does not make sense. Is someone trying to manipulate you? Go within and find out what is true for you. The answers are always there where the question is asked. After asking your question, sit and wait for the answer to come in the silence.

Dwell in peace and dwell in love. Be the peace and love you choose to be. It waits within you.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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