Nature Offers More

When I used to walk the busy bike path, I would sometimes focus on a question that needed an answer. Usually clarity on an issue would be given in some way. On one particular occasion after I felt like I had had enough of all the unsupportive things that happened to me and felt broken, I asked, “Why did all of these things happen to me?” I was obviously very upset and felt I had hit bottom. Usually answers do not come when one is in a lower vibration because we cannot hear the answer given from higher frequencies.

This time was different because I was in nature. Nature has a way of removing unsupportive energy from us. (Try hugging a tree for 10-15 minutes and feel the negativity being drained from you, even to the point of tears.) The answer came loud and clear. You were made weak so you could be stronger. Usually the answers are more of a knowingness or a small voice within delivering the message. At the time, I had asked the ‘why’ question many times before I finally heard the answer.

Another thing I like to do when I walk in silence or humming a tune is to thank those things that reveal themselves to me along the way or wish them a safe journey on their path. I also hold love within my heart. When I do this walking past a bush filled with birds, only some of them will fly away or move a little further away from me.

The mineral and plant kingdoms have elementals or spirits that look after them. You will find more where there is natural growth than in well manicured properties. Being in nature can be invigorating and help you find the solutions to the problems or questions you may have. For me, I am often given ideas for writings or things to include within a writing which was the case today.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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