Working with Creation in 5th Dimension, part 2


What types of projects will be created in the fifth dimension? What is it that the community needs? What is it that you wish for others to experience or enjoy?

The story of the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a good example.

According to Wikipedia ( Chapel), the convent chapel was in the care of the Sisters of Loretto. Most of the chapel was constructed before builders realized there were no stairs to the choir loft. A standard staircase was too big and ladders used in previous churches would not work for the Sisters in their long habits. According to the Sisters, they prayed for St. Joseph’s help for nine days. Then a shabby-looking stranger appeared and told the nuns he would do it but needed total privacy to do the work. Non-native wood and simple tools were used. The unknown carpenter was never seen and left after the work was finished.

Somehow, whoever is needed will be there when needed. The individual may not know why, but he or she will be there. What others consider miracles are things that are not yet known by you. There are rules or ways of being and doing in nature that are unknown to most of you. Sometimes a given theory has a flaw in it, holding others back when they believe the generally accepted premise from the past. Sometimes individuals are so caught up in what the standard acceptance is that they forget to ask themselves, ”What if…?” instead. Just because others accepted the premise does not mean it is true in current times.

While there were many forward-looking individuals in the past, it is time to step out of the box and be open to any and all ideas that may come to you, whether they sound reasonable or not. People are often afraid to challenge what has been considered a known and accepted belief or concept. It served a purpose at that time. Now it is time to allow what comes to you to be pursued.

Each of you came with a gift to give the world and to offer to others. Every person is important. Each of you have a piece of the puzzle to bring together what the people have always wanted: true freedom to create, to do and to be whatever is desired for the highest good for all. Welcome to the fifth dimension.

Be careful out there. The energy has been of a lower level and one of sadness for the last couple of weeks. At times, it feels like a wall as you are driving. Recognize it is not yours and release it to the light.

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Wishing you love in all that you do,



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