While we interact with angels in many different ways, the angels’ expertise is to help us deal with our emotions. They help us to remove those emotions that are unsupportive of us and do not work for our highest good. This helps us to be more neutral in our emotions so we can make better decisions and release that which is not love; this will assist us in the higher dimensions. Angels also encourage us, guide us, by giving us clues as to our purpose, and encouraging us to move in the direction of releasing those emotions that do not serve us. As a people, we have connected to the angels.

If we are doing God’s work, they will guide us. Angels work directly under and report to Him. They are our helpful friends who prod us in the right direction. If it is God’s will, then they do not need your permission to assist you. They can also assist us with our health and bring us into unity with God.

As a teacher, the angels worked through me on an energetic level to heal students. The healing aided their spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. I was the vehicle for their healing. It was the part of God within that worked with the archangels on a higher level.

Healing was also done with others through relationships with them. At times, I sent intentional, positive thoughts to others. All of this was being orchestrated at the soul level. The elementals brought it through my heart for my good and for the good of others through their hearts so everyone benefited from it. Since I was willing to allow God to work through me, He did. He also worked through the heart-felt connection with others to make Earth a better place to live; where humans work with the mind and thoughts.

Who are the elementals and what are they all about? What do they have to do with us? God created the elementals to take care of the plants and assist Earth. I already knew our thoughts were created in the ethers. It is the job of the elementals to bring together all the materials necessary here on earth for us to access our creations and bring our thoughts into reality. They also assist humans to stay on track for their missions.

My understanding is that for faster manifestation, we as humans create the thought and add feeling to it, via the assistance from angels. The soul works on the emotional and spiritual body levels by turning imagination into reality, with assistance from the elemental kingdom which translates thoughts into form. In the sleep state, many souls assist the archangels as well as the Earth, by working with the elementals.

Wishing you loved in all that you do,



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