Questions and Answers

Lately, individuals have been asking, “What is my path?” This was followed by a myriad of questions and things they want to know and why they haven’t received what was asked for.

Start by taking one step at a time. If you are alive, you are on your path. What is your path? It is the path of life. You are in charge of your live; for many, this may be a shock. Everyone is on a different path with side roads that can be taken at any time. However, there are commonalities along your path and those of others.

Sometimes, people do not stop to listen to what is being said. Others may not even hear the message if they are down or being negative about life. Laughter may bring you out of it if you are being too serious. When an answer is given, a person may respond, “Yes, I know, but what about all the rest of my questions?”

You already have the answers within yourself. Meditation is only one way to receive your answers. When a friend was very young, she used to say, “The answers are all around you.” As an adult, she did not know what it meant. It means just what it says; the answers are all around you. The answer is in the space where the question is asked.

Instead of asking more questions, pause to see if you totally understand the answer given to you, whether it be through meditation, while you are taking a walk in nature, when you first wake up in the morning or before going to sleep at night. You might even keep a notebook and pen by your bed to jot down information to write about what was given to you when you get up in the morning. The noise of your mind and the world are less chaotic then.

As you write, you may get more clarification and information that is important to you. This may take time practicing to see how it best works for you. You may want to write that you are calling on your angelic presences contracted to work with you for your highest good and ask that they assist you with your question. If it does not feel comfortable or you are not sure who came forward to assist you, then demand that any entity or being not working for your highest good must be gone now. Keep it to one question or related questions. When finished, thank them.

With a regular practice, you may find that it turns into a conversation with your guides, guardian angels, or an archangel or someone else you are connected to. Often when I paint, someone will assist me telling me the solution to a quandary such as to which color to paint the background or a change that would improve my work and challenge me.

‘Be open to the answers’ means that answers also come in ways you do not expect; such as something a person says to you or words on a billboard, etc. Yes, God/the Universe does have a sense of humor; so don’t be surprised by the way you receive the answer or clue.

If you wish to know more about manifesting, then read my recent blog entitled Manifest What You Desire. Finding your purpose will be discussed in an upcoming blog.


Wishing you love in all that you do,


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