How Do You Love Yourself?

You love yourself by getting to know who you are. It sounds so simple and yet it is. We make things hard because we think they’re supposed to be difficult. Society has assisted in this belief. Society reinforces this belief. Spend time with yourself, not worrying about things, but enjoying and accepting everything about you, who you are and how you react to various situations.

Who are you really? Some people live with themselves all their lives and do not have much of a clue of who they really are. They’ve become programmed. They’re too busy trying to survive, to get ahead, to be successful and to find happiness through ownership of something. Do you really own something or does it often times own you and keep you working to pay it off or to buy more “happiness”? Childhood memories run deep.

Sometimes we don’t know who we are because we’ve given our power away. Our self-worth and self-esteem are low when we have allowed others to control us, such as going along with the crowd or in order to be accepted by a friend. Step out of the limits you placed on yourself. Step forward, use the word “no” and hold your ground. Be your best friend by standing up for yourself. Stop others from telling you that you don’t know something when you do. You don’t need to respond to their how questions. It’s their control issue dealing with self-esteem and they’re pushing to find where your boundaries really are. If you love and respect yourself, you’ll gently remind them of who you are the first time it happens. I(f they respect you, your boundaries will be honored once they are firmly set. If not, they were and never will be a friend. Sometimes love is letting go. Love and respect yourself or no one else will.

Find the child within again and play more. Fall in love with yourself and then you will see the God within others; love knows and recognizes love, the true nature of God.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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