The Power of Thoughts and Words

As you think, therefore it is. Thoughts are powerful. They can be powerful weapons to yourself and others. Choose to use your words wisely. For you will live by those you speak unto yourself and those given to others.                Archangel Michael


Each word carries a vibrational frequency. Combinations of words also carry a more powerful frequency than each added together. If thoughts are also floating around in the ethers, then they are affecting the masses. We have all experienced thoughts jump into our mind seemingly out of nowhere. We also place thought around us. When we think a thought, it is placed in the ethers where it remains until we revisit it from time to time reinforcing the thought by giving it more energy.

How do we remove that thought and its power so that it does not come to fruition? Refuse to give it your energy. Raise your thinking and thoughts to a higher vibration by being in the now where all things are possible. Staying in the now is most powerful. It is where all exists and where all is created. It is where we connect to universal mind. The trick is not staying in the now, but being in the now. What is meant by being in the Now? Being is a state in which we reside. It is where all things are and where all things happen. It is a place where you discover who you really are. It is the larger picture where the larger you resides. Is that referring to my higher self? It is your soul so to speak that communicates with you there. It is where you are in the flow.

If you connect with your soul and follow what unfolds according to your purpose while on Earth, then you are also working on your higher path. Each soul has a mission on Earth that ties in with their mission at the soul level. If you complete the mission on Earth then you move on to your next assignment. If you do not complete your mission then your path changes the direction in which you are progressing. We do not wish to present it as you are or are not progressing. For it is all a progression in a direction that will eventually bring you back to your source which is where all will return. If we did not learn a lesson along the way, then we may take a detour and relearn it. For example, if a student does not pass a math class required for graduation, then summer school, a tutor, or another course of direction is taken to assist with the requirement of passing the math class needed for graduation.

Graduation is a way of saying I am ready for another big step in my life of learning. College or technical school is a way of saying I want to learn more about this path and explore what it is, how it operates and maybe add or tweak it a bit to add my part of what I have previously learned. Doing so is a way of saying thank you for allowing me to learn this and to expand my knowledge and who I am.

We may choose to spend our current life in one field or it may be we have learned all we feel we can or have the need to move on. Something else may be calling us in another direction. People may choose to spend their life in one profession and decide they are comfortable where they are and not move beyond that in this lifetime. They may choose to be a master or consider themselves a master in that field before they move onward. For others, having initials after one’s name is not important to them. They may have another purpose in mind. All that was needed for them was enough information to incorporate it into another section or skill in their life. People take only what they need and move on, perhaps doing the same in other related areas with the end result of accomplishing something different which utilizes many fields of thought and learning. What is right for one is not the same for all. We do not fit into the same box. We are each individuals, each on our own journey to whatever we mapped out at the soul level. We are in charge of our life here on Earth. We create it all, like it or not. Our soul gave us a mission and at least one gift to offer others. We actually have many gifts. It is just remembering them and developing the ones we want to use.


Wishing you love in all that you do,



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