Working with Creation in 5th Dimension, part 1


It is now, in the Now, that all things can be made manifest. It is in the now that one creates and works with nature and the elements to create what is needed for the creation of man. It is with love and light that it is brought forward. This is what we choose to cover today for it is important to all, not just to you, the one who chooses to create it.

The creation is done for the benefit of all in the community but not to the detriment of any. It is always for the betterment of all; not just the community but for the benefit of the earth and all of its residents. It must also be compatible to the environment. This is what we mean when we say it must be for the benefit of all. Even the smallest of creatures are not to be harmed but benefited by it. You are creating for the betterment of mankind and all who live on the earth.

What are your creations? That is up to you and those who choose to create together. As we have said before, “There are no limitations, only those you impose on yourself.” It is through the assistance of others who also have similar desires that the projects will come together. You are never alone. It must be one of community within the community that the creations are made.

How do you create? It is with the assistance of the elementals and all who desire to bring their skills to the table, to join in and do their part. It is always done in cooperation with others.

How will this occur? It will be one step at a time, one clue at a time. Each member brings a skill, talent or idea to the group. As the skill is needed, then the individual will step forward to do his or her part. It may be just a simple act or idea that one stops to offer to another that triggers what is needed by the group for their project.

All are made equal. All skills are important, from what is often considered a menial chore or talent to what we now consider a top executive—all bring something to the project that is important to the outcome.

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