Unlimited Universe

All things are possible; the universe has no limits. Become familiar with the possibilities so they may extend even beyond the horizon you see. This planet offers much potential and the possibilities are endless. For every problem there is a solution. The solution can be found in the same space where the problem exists. Be aware the solution does not exist at the same level of the problem. Albert Einstein knew this.

If the problem exists at a third dimensional level where lower vibrations prevail, raise your energy to a higher vibration when seeking the resolution to the problem. One cannot solve an advanced math problem with first grade skills. By raising your frequency and observing the problem from a higher level, things will look differently. Observe and allow the answer to come to you. It is that simple.

Remember these things in times to come. Ask for “this or something better than” at the end of your requests so there are no limitations on what is possible and seek solutions from a higher level of energy.

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I have also been working on a free ebook for you.  It will be available on my website through Saturday, February 17. It will be removed and placed on Amazon for sale after that.

Ascension Bound addresses how one can prepare and cope with all the changes as earth moves from third to fifth dimension; what we have been asking for. What is my responsibility and part in making the changes moving into our fifth dimensional world? Your answers all lie within. Ascension Bound offers tools and information to make your path and transition easier. The information comes from the author’s experiences and assistance from Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel along with the assistance of Sri Yukteswar’s (Yogananda’s guru).

The free ebook is available until the evening of the Feb. 17th in pdf form. Here is the direct link to the ebook and the password:

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