A Joyful Walk, part 1



There are so many different ways one can walk with spirit. You have to find what works best for you or is the most comfortable for you. In this writing, I’ll give you my approach and a couple of other suggestions.

Choose a time of day that works best for you. The early morning is most enjoyable for me since an evening walk affects my sleep. There is a beautiful silence, a stillness that hangs over the Earth as the sun rises from behind the Sandia Mountains, casting streaks of light and gently separating the mountain shadow. The light brings out the underlying colors of various trees and their bark as if revealing its true colors beneath the surface.

It is a time of creatures awakening to a new beginning and a time for birds to welcome the day in celebration of song. It is a time where many things give us a new view or glimpse of reality, for we are a part of nature. There is crispness to the air that refreshes and invigorates me on the in breath. A deep breath helps one to awaken and stimulate one’s awareness to the surroundings. The many variables to the color green always amaze me as the artist within imagines the individual color components.

It is a time of awakening for many and perhaps that is why I enjoy the early morning hours on a road not yet awake to heavy morning traffic. Quail scamper in pairs as they cross or crisscross the road. By fall, it looks more like a school crossing for quail. My eyes scan the shrubbery and rocks as a rabbit holds its silence or a roadrunner ignores my presence as do many of the birds as I pass within a foot of them.

My intention is usually to have no expectations and to be open to whatever chooses to reveal itself, from the rare peregrine falcon soaring through the sky to the nest of newborn hummingbirds or the opening of new blooms on a honeysuckle bush that thanks me or responds in kind for mentally telling it how beautiful it is. There is a love and wonder for nature that I carry with me as I smile and greet a fellow walker.

Wonder and curiosity open the mind so one can experience what is ready to be revealed. Do I always have a revelation? No. I do not expect to, but I am open to it and hold a space of wonder while remaining in the present. There is so much beauty and potential out there if we are open to it and create a space for it to show up.

You might ask spirit to reveal something to you or help you to understand something. Once it took me to a vacant property to reveal a large circle of sunflowers in full bloom. The message was the circle of life is all about joy and finding it within every moment.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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