God’s Unconditional Love

What is true for today may not be true tomorrow. As one moves into higher planes of consciousness, one must learn that the rules and characteristics of the dimension you are in are different from where you were previously.

How does one handle this; especially when protecting one’s self? One needs to learn the rules. One way is to connect with others who are in the same plane you are in or higher. If you do not know anyone that is at your level or higher, then things become a concern for you.

Another way is to go into meditation and ask, “What is the best way to handle the situation?” Stay in the present, listen and wait for the answer. It may come to you in several different ways, depending on how you normally receive answers. If you do not understand the answer, then ask that the answer be given to you in a different way. You may also ask for verification if needed.

Stay positive. It is so easy for one to be negative or be down from all that is happening in the world and on the individual level. If you stay positive, you will find fewer moments of negativity. Practice when it does not count so that you will be ready when you really need it. It will then be automatic.

Stay in the moment. If you are in the present, then you are creating those moments of the future and will avoid such negativity or upsetting times ahead. Find the joy, love and laughter in your life. It will assist you in most situations. By staying in the present, the background noise of the world will be minimal or disappear.

This next potential is our favorite because it is the power of unconditional love. To open your heart and hold God’s love, unconditional love, in your heart for another is the greatest protection. You are not only holding the love for the person who may be trying to harm you, but you are also protecting yourself. How the other person, the individual who is not of a supportive nature, reacts is up to that individual. If he or she is unaccepting of the higher energy of unconditional love, you may find the individual acting out against him or herself.

God’s unconditional love is the highest power of all. Learn how to use it; open your heart to it and let it expand out around you. By doing so, you are offering it to others. You are also protecting yourself from any harm. It is the love that can ride the waves of light. For those who are on the path of love, it is the easiest path and a most loving path.

Wishing you love in all that you do,




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