Release Old Energies for the New Ones


More is happening at a faster pace than expected and it will continue to do so. You will find things cannot be achieved as they were previously. Each must decide what is important in his or her life and proceed with them. It will be a matter of priorities and determining what is and isn’t important in your life. That which is not important will fall away. So it is a time to simplify your life by releasing things no longer important or valuable to you. Also release those people who no longer support you and your intent in this lifetime. What you have left is only what you need.

It is about clearing old energies and making the way for new energies to enter. By clearing your space, you are also clearing old energy from yourself and making an opening for the new and desired energies to enter. You are expanding into newness.

The old must leave for the new to arrive. This does not mean throw everything out and buy new stuff. Hardly. Reorganizing, separating the papers and information no longer of use or outdated, and placing what is left into a new folder creates a newness and allows more space available.

Besides cleaning out old stuff we no longer need and people who do not support us, it is important to keep our power and release those who are unsupportive from other realms, especially during the sleep state when one can be vulnerable. The current energy many of us are experiencing is one of unsupportive energies attacking and trying to keep us from moving forward. The following exercise was given to me many years ago and still works today.

“I call upon Archangel Michael and ask that he please be present. Are you here Archangel Michael? (assume he is) Thank you. Any and all entities, beings, energies, souls, spirits and others not contracted to work with me in this lifetime for my highest good or not working in my highest good in this moment and time, it is against divine law for you to be here without my expressed permission. You must now vacate my home, my car, my property and remain twenty feet from me at all times. (Sometimes they do return.) You are to leave with Archangel Michael and you are not allowed to return without his personal escort. Please Archangel Michael, take them all away now. Thank you.”

It is good to have several tools you can use. What works today may not work tomorrow. The above exercise has always worked for me. When Archangel Michael is present, unsupportive energies fall away.

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Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary


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