Choices Abound

It is time to awaken and to know what is happening to your world. The children are crying, and it is not just because they do not want to wear face masks. They are crying for what is going on in your world. How can one help his or her children to grow up in a world of control over others in the land of freedom and independence? Churches burn, sports are removed from society, and small businesses which are the backbone of our economy are closing their doors, perhaps for the last time.

‘Let someone else do it’ seems to be the theme. Yes, it is a war of sorts, a war for the heart and soul of America and the world as we knew it. Other nations are watching to see if we will fall also. We are the last stronghold. This is why you need to be vigilant and take back your power.

Yes, you are only one person. Together you are all only one. First, you need to wake up and enlighten yourself as to what is going on. Being enlightened means you see all sides of the coin. So many people are saying they do not have to see all sides of the coin because the easiest way is what they want as they stick their heads back into the sand. Are you sure? If the rest of your life is going to be changed, do you think you should have a say in it? By not saying ‘no’ or refusing to consent, then you are being complicit.

There are many choices ahead of you. Instead of putting your head in the sand, you need to pull your head out for what is to come. It is choice, choice for how you want to live and who or what you want to be. Just as change is a constant, so is choice. Make wise choices, for you will live by them and so will your children. Is the young girl on the plane, crying about not wanting to wear a mask, telling you something?

An old friend called me because she was seeing children wearing masks and crying for several nights and was unable to sleep. After clearing her, I remembered what happened to me when moving to New Mexico.

A phrase continued to run through my mind for weeks and months during meditation, study and the repairs on a three-year-old home consumed my time. I started writing a journal from my soul through tears.

There is a gap; the children are crying.

The heart of it was that the children’s souls felt the disconnect from their natural relationships with Earth, love, community and morals, all of which unify us against world chaos.


Wishing you love in all that you do,



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