From Fear to Balance

As most of you know, fear is a third dimensional characteristic. The Coronavirus has dropped many individuals back into the third dimension. Some people question if it is a test or is it here to move you into the shift. Maybe it is just a reminder that you need to leave the fear behind.

Fifth dimension is the lowest level of divinity and Earth is to become a fifth dimensional planet. We are receiving assistance from others in our solar system since our planet must move forward first before the other planets can since we are at the lowest dimension. As an empath, I have been more vigilant, being aware of the energies around me and keeping my energies in the higher planes where fear cannot exist.

So how do you get rid of the fear? Follow the recommendations of washing your hands, wear a mask and gloves when needed, use social distancing and eat healthy. Use your time to do the things you have put off; cleaning out closets, etc. Most of you are experiencing fatigue. So relax or nap when needed.

You might want to do a daily meditation of bringing your inner self back into balance. Go into meditation and then find your heart center. Once you find it, stay there for awhile. You may find there is no mind chatter or ego bringing up past stuff. If ego brings up something from the past, you can let it go by to release it or mentally say, ‘that was then and this is now.’ Bring yourself back into the present if needed.

As you stay in your heart center, you may also have a smile on your face. Stay in that place for awhile and then bring yourself gently back. If you found your smile, try to maintain it.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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