World Energy

So many things have been racing through my mind as to what to write about this week. Should I use a passage from my current book being worked on, Riding the Ascension Waves, or address something else?

Last week I suggested meditation and to go to your heart center, find your inner balance and stay there for awhile. Some of you may not meditate. So what else can you do? The best cure for helping yourself is to help others. Here are some suggestions:

  • Listen to your favorite music; then call a friend who you know loves the song and sing it to the person.
  • Call some of your friends in other parts of the country or world to see how they are coping or to catch up on old times with them.
  • Call a neighbor or relative who is unable to do errands or get groceries and offer to do some errands for the person.
  • Offer to help out at a food pantry.
  • Collect your pet’s unused or old toys that are still in good condition and take them to a pet shelter along with all that food you pet refuses to eat now.
  • Bake or buy donuts or food for first responders, nurses, etc.
  • Talk with the owner or manager of a fast food chain and see if they would match any $5 for gift cards you bought for nurses from the nearby hospital or responders from the fire department.

These are just a few ideas. Why do I suggest getting involved doing something? It is better than worrying about what is happening in the world and adding to the world’s energy of fear. Laughter and music can lift your spirits.

As an empath, it is very easy for me to feel the world’s energy. It is one of fear but also that of being out of balance. Today is the best energy this week for me. It was difficult getting out of bed in the mornings and feeling dizzy as I hung onto things and moved slowly down the hallway with my shoulder sliding against the wall so I would not lose my balance. At times, my head felt like it would explode. Since I work at night in the third through the seventh dimensions, I was probably helping out during the sleep state with the third dimension since it needs the most attention at this time. While I stay in the higher realms; it is like moths being drawn to a light. We are now starting to get some help from the higher realms.

Since the weather is better, I started walking again and feel better. Moving the body, especially being in nature, can help you release negative energies and thoughts. If you are really down and do not know what to do, try hugging a tree for about ten minutes. You may find yourself crying for no reason. You are releasing pent-up energies or blockages.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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