Unifying Against World Chaos

Everywhere you turn there seems to be division; whether it is in the political circus, socialism verses democracy, opinions on immigration, China versus U.S., fairness and even down to the rise of energies of light and dark that are occurring. Add to that the solar flares and the increasing rise of the Schumann scale, the heart beat of the Earth.

How does one avoid all the chaos? For the many, it is staying at home where one feels comfortable within one’s own energy; perhaps avoiding the news and seeing what goes on outside as a movie theater. For others, it may be doing things with those of like mind and avoid the naysayers by being positive. Some are seeing things coming up from the past that were not supportive for them. Stay in the present and let those things go by. If you hang on to one of them or allow your thoughts to go back to the event or events of the past, you are bringing it forward into the present as if saying, “I want to experience this again.” Do not get caught up in a movie of the past.

Reconnect with nature. Put your feet in the grass for ten minutes, hug a tree, take a walk in nature and experience the beauty of the changing fall colors or visiting a local park and observing nature.

You may choose to start your day through meditation by connecting to the love within. Then let that love within carry you throughout your day. No matter what happens, do not judge the event. Judgment belongs in the third dimension. In the higher planes, there is no right or wrong. Things are as they are.

Another way to change the world to a better place is to use the morals you were taught. This past year, I and others have experienced the theft of our art work and books. Some individuals were very blatant about it.

Join with others to change the world and make it a better place to live. Reconnect with the earth, community, love and morals. This is how we unify the world against world chaos.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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