Getting Answers

There are many ways to get the answers to your questions. If your questions require a yes or no answer, then you could use muscle testing or a method of body testing or even dowsing. What if the answer requires something other than a yes or no answer?

There are other ways to get your answers. One way is to ask your question before going to sleep. Clear your mind of all the chatter. Keep your question simple and direct. You may be given the answer as you start to nod off. For some individuals, it may be easier when you first wake up. Practice using this method or some of the other methods so that when you really need the answers to your questions, you will be able to receive the answers. When one method works well for you, then try other ways so that you have more than one method in case one is not working for you at that time.

With all the chaos that seems to be going on around you, you may notice that you are forgetting things such as where you placed your keys or why were you going to go to the kitchen, etc. How to find the answers to these seems to be the question asked of me most this week from those around me. Such forgetfulness is not necessarily the beginning of Alzheimer or dementia. We are dealing with challenging energies and will be until about mid January.

In the situations just mentioned, you can stop, clear your mind and ask the question of why you were going into the kitchen or where you put your keys. Wait for at least several seconds and you should have your answer. The answer is always where the question is asked. If you do not get the answer, do not give up. You may be stressed or your mind is chattering so you are unable to hear the answer. Do not push it. You could also ask that they show you the answer in a different way today. Be open to how the answer may come. The universe is very creative with answers. One of mine came as two words on a large advertisement board along the highway; another from a license plate in front of my car at a stop light.

Work with the method of asking a question to find you keys or why you were going to the kitchen. If you do not practice, then how can you get your answers for yourself? It is time to empower yourself.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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