Collect Up Your Energy

Do you take classes, belong to a club or belong to a group that gathers for a common interest such as exercise, dance, etc.? Most individuals do not realize that when one is in a class working together with others; such as a tai chi practice or those listed above, everyone’s energy comes together as one to do the work or exercises. Not everyone in the group is at the same level of energy.

At this point in time, many people are starting to wake up while others are already at a higher vibratory frequency. Most likely, individuals are carrying baggage or have attachments of lower level entities or energies. Such entities may be attracted to your light that shines brighter than the individual it was attached to.

At the end of the class or gathering, when energies are separated out, the entity may decide to stay with you since you are at a higher vibratory frequency than the previous person it was attached to. Removing the entity or energy is now yours to deal with.

If you raise your energy to a higher vibratory frequency before attending class, then others in the class will rise to a higher vibration during the class. How does one do this? Try opening your heart with love, expanding your energy outward and then bring it back in to you. Laughter, joy or a positive attitude can also work.

When you participate in receiving a massage, a reiki session, or any type of body work, you are connecting your energy together with the practitioner. When working in such situations, set your ‘stuff’; worries, doubt, would have, could have or should have, or any other such thoughts, aside. This allows you to be open and present to receiving the energy being offered to your body.

After the session, class or group, be sure to collect up only your energy before leaving the building. How does one do this? One easy way is to say mentally the following when or just after leaving the building:

Any and all entities, beings, energies, souls, spirits or others that did not come with me when I left home this morning must now go back into the building and go home with the person you came with. You are not allowed to come home with me under any circumstances. Any unsupportive energy inadvertently directed at me or mine I return to its rightful owner or to the light, whichever is better.

If you use the wording in the last sentence, you are giving the option for the energy to return to the previous individual if it is needed as a lesson or for another reason. If not, then the option of sending it to the light removes the problem from both you and the previous person, allowing the light to transmute it to something better than.

If the entity or energy does not leave, command it to leave now.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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