Assisting Your Immune System

Friends I rarely see have been calling me to ask what I am doing since they are bored or in fear. Fear is not only a third dimensional frequency, it also affects your immune system. You need to keep your immune system up. How does one do so?

The main thing is to eat good healthy foods and avoid the sugary and junk foods, get plenty of sleep and exercise. I can see the main street of my subdivision from where I work at home. Throughout the week it is usually somewhat busy with those walking, biking or running. Today, Saturday, I saw only three cars and absolutely no children playing in the street. It feels like a ghost town since none of the children were screaming or playing in their yards either. It is good to spend more time with your children.

Other things include staying positive; even a smile can change your attitude. Fear does not exist in the higher realms. You might want to meditate, or sit and listen to music. I listen to Wholetones and Donovan Sound Solution. You can find some of their free music on the internet and there are many other musicians that can be found on YouTube. You could also play your favorite music and dance to some of it if you are not exercising or not exercising enough.

You could take a class on the internet or learn a new skill. There’s a lot of opportunities for helping others from making masks, offering to run errands or writing messages of love with meals to hand out. Bake some cookies for first responders or meals for nurses. One family on my block let their children draw flowers and write a message on their driveway. Ideas are limitless. Calling friends you have not heard from for awhile is another way of connecting to those who may be alone or need to hear a friend’s voice. It may even be a family member that lives far away.

If you are really bored, maybe it is time to attack the closets that are stuffed with clothes you can no longer wear. Maybe one of your neighbors could use some of your things. I usually buy teddy bears to donate to children at Christmas time but did not get them to the donation boxes before pickup. So maybe some of the young children would like a new toy.

If you take a walk or run, ride a bike, or just sit in the sun, enjoy the blue skies. Some of the most polluted cities in the world are starting to enjoy blue skies again after a very long time of pollution.

Those who are very concerned about how to pay your bills should not worry. It may be easy to say, but most companies, including mortgage companies and rental owners are making exceptions or working out a payment plan. If you are in this situation, you are not alone. Millions are out of work and do not know how to pay their bills. We are all in this together as we move forward into the shift. Be a friend to yourself and to others. If you feel blessed with what you have, then offer to assist another and stay positive.

On April 4, at 7:45 p.m. PST there was a Global Meditation to connect with God or Creator to heal and send healing energies across the world. You could also do your own meditation for healing the earth and its residents in your own time. It is time to awaken and we can use this time away from work and what has captured our attention to stop and notice nature and remember what life is really about.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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