Our Relationship To Soul, Part 2

Last week we said you are a part of your higher self or soul and you are on Earth to fulfill a specific purpose for your soul that you have agreed to do. The soul is in spiritual form but can experience through its aspects via the senses.

Gary Zukav, who wrote The Seat of the Soul[i] describes the soul as a flagship with many small ships. If the small ship, you, follows the flagship, then everything flows smoothly. If you go off course or away from the flagship, things do not run smoothly in your life. So the soul guides and protects you. In this respect, you may see the soul as something separate from or outside of yourself.

When you are born, many believe the soul surrounds you. As you grow and experience life from the outside world and believe everything is outside of you, the soul separates from you; hence, the small ship as previously described as being separate from but also guided by the flagship. Since Earth has free choice and free will, it is up to you whether you choose to follow your soul and its work. Straying from your path may take you on a more difficult journey. Although sometimes those things are necessary to learn your lessons before returning to follow your soul.

If you remain ‘distant’ from your soul, after leaving your life you will reunite with your soul and become a part of it once again. Everything is energy and energy changes. It can only be changed; it cannot be destroyed. If you soul sends you back into another third dimensional world, you will not be the exact same person you are in this life; you will be somewhat different such as in personality.

We suggest you follow your soul and stay on track so that your life becomes one of flow and joy. Union with the soul eventually leads to union with God. This is the plan for many on your earth plane as you walk your path.

There is much more to aspects and some information is very important at this time in how the shift will affect us as aspects of our souls. You will find out more next week.

Wishing you love in all that you do,





[i] Zukav, Gary (1989). The Seat of the Soul (A Fireside Book). Simon & Schuster: New York.

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