Setting Your Intention

What is your intention for this day? Is it one of love and joy or do you just drag yourself out of bed for another day? If you dread getting up in the morning, then begin setting your intentions for the day. This does not mean you list everything you are going to do this day.

We will use our co-author, Mary, as an example. Her current protocol consists of setting her boundaries after clearing her field of any residual energy from others left over from the work being done at night. Then she sets up her shields. At present, she uses a golden shield around herself first. Since gold is a soft metal, she then places a platinum shield over the golden shield. This is also done because if the platinum shield is breached, then there is another layer of support. At times, she uses a third layer. As things shift, you must rise to meet the challenge with something that does work.

Next, our co-author nullifies all vows and contracts and calls forth a spiritual team to remove all cords by plucking then out by their roots, bundling them together and lighting them up to burn back to the sender with forgiveness and unconditional love. From there, Mary collects up her energy from wherever she left it during the night. Before she gets out of bed, she says good morning to God, heavenly Father and thanks Him for the sleep she received since she often times gets very little sleep from the work she does at night. She continues giving thanks for a new day and all the opportunities and individuals during the new day. To set her day, Mary continues with her gratitude.

What one puts his or her attention on is the intention for the day. You are given what you are intending. The universe sees you want more through your attention and actions. If you are dragging yourself out of bed, then you will probably be dragging yourself throughout the day. If you set happiness, joy and love for the day, then you are more likely to find it.

An effort must be made. You cannot just say okay, I am going to be happy today and then say, I do not have anything to be happy about. There goes your intention. Throughout the day, look for the things that make you happy. Is it your pet curling up against you, a phone call from an old friend you were thinking about or something that you were struggling with that was finally resolved. Look for the little things. It is the little things that are important, for they lead you to the big things in life. Some individuals like to write in a gratitude journal where the individual records what he or she is grateful for at the end of each day

When Mary goes to bed at night, she thanks God for all the grateful things in her day and for the day, even the tough things, for they could have been worse than they were. By doing this, she is setting herself up for a good night’s sleep and for the work that she will be doing during the night. What you put your attention on creates your intention and the universe will give you more of the same. If the universe sees you are always grumpy in the morning when you get up, then you will be grumpy most of the day. Change your attitude. Laughter is one way of putting you into a higher vibration. A smile in the morning and positive thoughts go a long way. If you set your intention and work at it, then you will find it easier to move into the higher dimensions. Release your anger from this lifetime and past lifetimes. Yes, you must clear your present life, past lives and ancestors. They are all a part of you. Set your intention for the day. If you have not set an overall intention for your life, you may want to do that too. Writing it down may make it more clear for you.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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