Escape from the Stress

It is time to note the silence and stillness as a place to rest and remove yourself from all the stress that you carry with you. Some of you have been told to relax and remove yourself from the stress. How can you do your work if you are stressed all of the time? You must step back. I have been warned of this so many times. Stress has followed me most of my life. The archangels and my guides have hounded me about stepping aside and taking time for something fun or just downtown. Yesterday I sat in the morning sun for almost fifteen minutes and even that carried me through my day as if it were an even better day than normal. My body sank into the chair and the sun permeated my body.

You need to take mini breaks throughout your day or spend up to an hour on something fun. Think of them as little vacations away from home and the lockdown. Your body will thank you for it. Create a place where you go and escape all that is going on around you. It may be just sitting in your back yard, feeling the fresh air move across you, watching the early morning sunrise or sitting outside before the temperature rises too much and soaking up vitamin D. Close your eyes and feel what is around you. Feel your body sink into the lawn chair. It is your time to escape your problems and all that you need to do.

If you are letting things you need to do bother you, make a list and set it aside until you are ready to tackle the most important item on the list. Even if it is only a half hour, put some effort into what you need to do. You might choose to take your break from stress after that. If you do not take your break, you will find your body pays the price. It is more difficult to work under stress than it is when you return from your break. Take an hour per day if possible. If it is difficult for you to do, then start with ten or twenty minutes and focus on the sun and how it feels on your body. Your body may feel heavy and totally relaxed in the chair.

It does not have to be outside. We just like you to be in nature and starting work after that. You may need nature to assist you in the future and you are a part of nature. Learn more about how nature works since you are a part of it and subject to its laws. You could sit and read a book you have been putting off because of lack of time. Spend twenty to thirty minutes or even an hour during your break time, make sure you are relaxing instead of doing something else.

As I sat outside for about fifteen minutes, I really felt the difference the rest of the day as things seemed to flow. It felt better than a nap and I did not feel as stressed as usual. When I did start to feel stressed, I remembered the feeling during the break.

Start with at least fifteen minutes if that is all you have. Make it a routine and gift yourself with a break from your daily stress. Add more time each day until you are spending an hour for yourself to just relax and enjoy that which surrounds you. It is like being on a short vacation every day. It can be in the morning or any other time during the day. Set the time and how you choose to de-stress. Pay attention to the present time and how you feel. Let your shoulders drop from being scrunched up and smile as you close your eyes. You will thank yourself for it.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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