Your Relationship To Soul, Part 1

It is with love we present your lessons today. Today is a day containing many moments as you move from one moment in time to another. Do not choose to miss one moment of your being. Each moment is precious and contains everything that is possible. Do not dwell on the past or it will become your future. This is why we say to be in the moment.

Humans are human beings. You understand what it is like and what it means to be human. ‘Being’ means you are also a spiritual being. Many describe you as a spiritual being having a human experience.

You have explored the human aspect of yourself and most of you have some knowledge or have explored your spiritual side. All of you have been told you are spiritual but do not really understand what it means. Your spiritual side, your higher self or soul, is a part of you. You are connected. Your soul gives you guidance and assistance. Some think the soul is within you and others think it surrounds you or is somewhere else. All of these are true.

You and your soul have agreed on what it is you are to do in this lifetime, what your soul wishes to experience, before you entered your current life. I will use myself as an example. My soul wanted to experience being a writer and an author. Before entering this lifetime I agreed to write with my soul. The soul is in spiritual form and wishes to experience writing through the body via the senses. At one point, my soul entered the body to experience the writing process, to learn and to grow. This is why the soul steps into the body to work with one of its aspects.

The soul created more than one aspect of itself. The reason for this is the soul wishes to accomplish much but cannot do all of it in one lifetime. Many lifetimes are created to be experienced through and/or to learn lessons. Lifetimes can be lived concurrently on the same planet, each with a different purpose. There is much more to learn about aspects and their importance at this time period of moving into the fifth dimension. Part 2, next week, will give you a different perspective.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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  1. Hello Mary, I am Martha who spoke to you at the author’s event in Moriarty yesterday. I have read most of the little book I bought and am now going to (slowly) begin reading your blog in hopes of learning more.
    I wanted to thank you for the positive energy I received from you and Carole. I walked away with the feeling that I was understood by other human beings. All of my experience with this type of conversation has always felt positive, but now I feel freer to really explore what I am learning without the cloud of doubt that usually surrounds me when I don’t understand or when others tell me I am “crazy”. I look forward to reading your blog and learning. Thank you.

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