You are Never Alone

Many of you feel you are alone with no one to assist you. This is far from the truth. Because  the majority of you cannot see us, you do not think that we exist.

Who are we? We are the many and the few who come to assist you. We are your friends, family and former family members. We come in many forms and shapes. Even the spirits of your former pets can assist you when needed. Our co-author, Mary, has experienced such a situation more than once. Yes, we watch over you and protect you when we can. Even individuals you do not know watch over your body sometimes as a favor from a mutual friend who cannot do so. We also come as angels and guides; sometimes appearing in human form if needed.

How do we know you? Some of you work with us in the sleep state at night. We travel on journeys to various places to do God’s work. Yes, you do work in the sleep state. Work is also done in the awakened state. Sometimes you feel you need to go somewhere or do something you would not usually do. This may have occurred more than once in your life.

When you arrive at the place, you were not sure why you stopped there or you feel you are looking for a particular place in the area and cannot find it. It might be just having a conversation with someone, maybe asking for directions and during the conversation you give the needed information to the other party. Once the conversation is over, you feel it is time to leave. You fulfilled your contract with that person.

Your spirit may also be working during your awake state. Clairvoyants may view themselves somewhere else as if wearing a ‘costume’ and involved in a completely different situation if the individual sits down and relaxes for a few minutes.

At this time, some of you are even meeting members of your soul family. Your soul family is a group of individuals who are working on similar lessons. They may show up to work with you on the same issue or one may help the other with clearing past issues, using their expertise to assist you.

How do you know when you meet a member of your soul family? You feel like you know them from somewhere. You feel comfortable with each other as if former friends, and may even recognize the other person as a member of your soul family. Members often show up to assist each other.

You have also lived lifetimes on other planes and places in this universe and elsewhere. If you have lessons from those lifetimes that are affecting this one, you might have glimpses from various times in that life. What happened in previous times can affect this lifetime.

Perhaps you are visiting an area or move to a new state or country. You might find yourself having dreams or visions of a familiar lifetime there. That might be why you feel drawn to that area. You may even hear conversations from that time.

So, to say you have no friends is not true. You have many friends who love you; you are just not aware of it. If you were, it could be a distraction from doing your work and living your life. If you want more friends, be a friend. Also be a friend to yourself; do not let others take advantage of your friendship or use you. If you are a good friend to others, you will draw a good friend or friends to you when you are ready. The people around you mirror who you are.

We are always available if you feel you just need to talk to us or need comforting. God is always willing to listen. And yes, He visits you in different ways. After all, you are his children. What parent does not love their child?


Wishing you love in all that you do,



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