Teach Your Children Well

No matter how much you want to move forward, live your life in the moment. It is there you will find the joy and happiness that you desire.

Be like a child again and enjoy what you have at that moment. If you are in the moment, then you will forget about all that was unsupportive of you in the past. Nor will you draw that to the future. If you are enjoying the moment, then you are creating a better future for yourself and others. Your future is created out of the present moment. If you are thinking about an unsupportive event in your past, be careful. You may be creating it again in the future. We ask that you enjoy the moment the best way that you can.

It is time you realize the extent your current life affects your future. Be happy. What makes you happy? Each individual is different when deciding what makes them happy. For many it is having children. Children come with responsibility and oftentimes it is not what you had expected. Teach them well, for they are the future of your country. Do not expect more from them than you do yourself. Teach them well, for the future of your world will depend on them.

Give them the love that they need for they do not understand the world and have not lived in your world for long. Teach them right from wrong and to love each other. Let them experience nature and how it works for their higher good. Give them an appreciation of nature and the will to preserve and care for their home, Earth. Teach them respect for themselves, nature, and others. Most of all, teach them love and respect for themselves first, or they will not be able to respect and honor others in their lives. You are their teacher, even when you do not have children.

You must respect yourself first or you will have no respect for others or love for others. Teach the children about God and answer their questions as truthful as possible, for you are building the perimeters of their lives. If they are willing, then they can help build a better community, perhaps leaving the world a little better than it was when they decide to leave. Others will respect and honor you for deeds that you did, for you shall be known by your deeds.

Assist those who need the help. When you help one, you help them all. Lift one up and the others will also be lifted up. Throughout your life there are others from your community or family who will step forward to assist. This is why we ask that you keep a positive attitude. At times you may question if anyone is there to assist you. There is. You might have to wait for the perfect timing.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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