Speak to the Soul

The thought played over and over in my mind throughout the morning. What did this mean?

“It means what it says, to speak to the soul.”

Is this in reference to teaching?

“Yes, partly. You were thinking about going back into teaching”

Is this the way we will teach in the future?

“More so in the future than now; but by speaking to the soul you can get your point across to an individual or a group of students.”

Is this just to the students?

“No. Anytime you want to get a specific point across you can intend and focus on the thought reaching them by talking soul to soul. There doesn’t have to be verbal words between the two of you. This should ring a bell.”

Yes, it does, for when my husband wanted to leave since his body was too weak to support his soul, he came to me in a flash of light, waking me up early in the morning. As soon as I put my head on the pillow, mentally telling him I was too tired to talk, I realized he was asking my soul for permission to leave. It was a knowingness at that time. I didn’t hear the words or say them internally to myself. It was just a very clear message. There was even another time when I was with a couple of friends and knew we had had past lives together. My inner self was speaking a message to me of “I love you” and I knew who was sending the message. There was also the time at my husband’s memorial when I heard my inner self say, “Boy, is he long winded.” I still remember my immediate reaction that such wording would not have been used by me. At the end of the memorial, others confirmed it was from my husband.

“While this will be a tool for teaching in the future, it will also be a way of communicating with others when various means of communication as we know it are unavailable. Start practicing it with friends. You will find you can tap into conversations of others and hear their thoughts as you already occasionally pick up bits of conversations, even thoughts you do not know whose thoughts they are.”

Is this also a message to speak to my own soul?

“Now you are getting it.”

What do I say to my soul?

“Whatever you want to say. Your soul is always there, waiting for the moment you wake up to communicate with it. It loves you very much. Let it teach you what you need. The greatest teacher of all is within.”

What things will I learn?

“Everything and anything you want to learn. The answers are all there, for you never left home. You are always with us and we with you.”

I guess I am confused.

“What confuses you? “

I do not know; a lot of things.

“When you have the questions, we will be here with the answers. Your soul awaits to teach you what it is you want to learn. There are no limitations to anything. Awaken through the silence within.”

Wishing you love in all that you do,




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