Relationships are Changing

While there have always been breakups between friends and within marriages, the last couple of years, especially this year, has had more than normal.

If someone does not want to be a friend any more, let him or her go. Do not be resentful or angry with the individual. The resentment and anger only come back to you. You are the one who carries it. If it is not released, then you will need to release it from your ‘backpack’ of things you are still holding on to.

Instead, bless the other person and wish him or her well. They may be doing you a favor. It is usually for the good of both of you. You were together for a reason. Maybe one of you was to assist the other with a lesson. When the lesson is learned, there may not be any reason to stay together. It may also be that the other person does not choose to continue on his or her path in this lifetime. Life may feel lonely for awhile and challenging at times, but you will find others like you or working on the same path as you.

Besides individuals in friendships and marriages parting ways, many are also moving. Some have wanted to move previously but the time was not right. Perhaps the job you wanted just opened up this year. If you are feeling a sense of needing to move to a certain area, ask your guides, guardian angels or whomever you work with to verify the move and the timing of it.

In both of the situations above, dissolving a friendship or marriage, you may find it difficult at first to make new friends. Those walking their spiritual path often walk alone at least during part of the journey. It is difficult at times to share your beliefs and abilities with others because they do not understand you.

Set your boundaries as to what you will and will not accept in a friendship with another person. Then hold to it. One of my boundaries is not to let another person put me down or belittle me. Don’t let others suppress your abilities and talents. Instead, develop them and use them. You may find that others will ask you for assistance or ask questions.

For those moving, see it as an adventure. Remember, the definition of ‘adventure’ means a daring, hazardous undertaking or a stirring, leading to a possible romance according to Webster’s New World Compact Desk Dictionary, second edition. The challenges are there to encourage you to learn your lessons and move forward on your personal path. Welcome to the game of life.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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