Taking Your Power Back

Taking your power back is done one step at a time. The first step is recognizing you gave your power away. For most of us, it happens slowly, starting with one event that leads to another and then another. Look at each situation as it arises and ask yourself if you are giving your power away. If so, calmly say “no” to those who are trying to manipulate you.

At times, walking away from confrontational situations to ignore any emotionally charged statements may be your best option. Those who pursue the issue usually want an explanation or an argument. “What part of no do you not understand?” may suffice. Depending on the situation after saying “no”, you can mentally tell the person, “Be gone; you have no power over me.”

One of the main points in a long dream I had for my next book was that women especially need to take their power back. Women are used to being caretakers for their families and helping others when needed. The feminine and masculine energies need to be balanced within each person. Male energy in art is usually represented by straight lines, sharp and brittle with little flexibility or curves. It is the feminine that is flexible and shows soft curves.

Start looking at how you make decisions when you and your friends decide what movie you go to, for example. Do you respond with, “I do not really care which show we see.” Do not be wishy-washy. Make a decision; you also have a say in what you choose to do.

Most women need to take their power back since it is women who gave their power away. It is not the male-type energy of power. It is the strength of a female’s foundation that unfolds with gentle but firm movement of the curves and the soft colors displayed in art work.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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