Inter-Dimensional Events

Today is another day. As each day passes do you accept it as the gift that it is? It is said that your life is but a moment in time. Are you using that moment in time to do your work, to enjoy life and all who are in your life? Do you miss the joy that surrounds you or mistake it for something less than? Invite the joy into your life and ask to see the beauty surrounding you; the beauty in every little thing.

Look closer as you take a picture and look again when you print the picture. As you become more aware, you may see more within the picture than you did when you looked through the camera’s lens. There is so much more to life than you can see with your two eyes. You look through your eyes expecting to see only what you are used to seeing. There is more than you could imagine. There are other levels of energy around you; other dimensions that will reveal themselves to you at times. They do so through your senses.

You may hear someone’s voice from another time imprinted in the space where you are or you may hear the voices from another dimension. To remove such talk, all you need do is see or imagine a radio in front of you and press the button to change the station to a higher frequency, changing what you have tapped into. You must believe this will work in order for it to do so.

The alternative is to stay neutral, close your eyes if you choose and listen to a conversation that occurred in a past time. If you see a video of the event with your eyes open and choose not to, then imagine a television before you and turn the television off or to the channel in present time. These things occur because the past memory remains in that place.

You may smell a flower such as a gardenia when there are no flowers. It may even be a rose or another favorite flower. If there are no flowers in the area, it is often a saint, an angel, a master or a holy one in the area or visiting you, maybe saying hi or just letting you know they are there. This is not an uncommon situation if you are aware of your surroundings. Many people discount such events.

It could happen while you are sitting and relaxing in nature or while you are walking, even on your daily walk. If you find it happens in a certain area all the time, it may be someone who has reached a higher plane via love, and physically living in the area.

Allow what you see, hear, smell and feel while remaining in a state of observation. One of your guides may tap you on your shoulder letting you know he/she is there and you are protected from whatever you may perceive as a danger or fear. A close friend or relative who has transitioned to the other side may be visiting or watching over you. Usually it is a tap on your shoulder, arm or the back of your hand. The individual will always touch you in the same place to let you know it is a particular person.

It could also be an angel letting you know you are not alone. Just as people have sayings in life, so do the angels. The masters have certain tendencies also. For example, Sri Yukteswar tells stories to get his point across. His lessons come through the stories of everyday life when he sojourned the earth plane. These stories cover the practical everyday lessons of a third dimensional life from a higher perspective.

The message today is to be open to what occurs; observe and allow. Enjoy the smell of the unseen flower. Know you are always blessed and realize past events and voices have nothing to do with you.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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