Raise Your Energy


When Covid-19 hit and then the vaccine’s controversy promoted by the media occurred, most individuals went into fear. Fear is the opposite of love and feeds on the lower frequency levels. Love for yourself and for others is what is needed at this time.

Many feel these are end times when the chaff is being separated from the wheat. It is the separation of those who choose to stay in the material world of the third dimension and those who choose to ascend. We are being assisted by those on the higher dimensions in our universe. They are also moving to a higher dimension but not until Earth does. The lowest planet in the universe must move first. And guess what: Earth is the lowest planet in this universe and must make the first move to the fifth dimension, the lowest level of divinity. Covid put most individuals into the lower three chakras of survival, sex and emotions. Instead, we need to move into the highest chakras of vibration, communication, our nervous system, vision, and the seventh chakra of vitalizing the upper brain.

How can this be done? One way is to spend some time each day in meditation. You will feel better in addition to raising the vibrations of both yourself and the planet. Spend time in nature as well as in creating something. Fifth dimension is about creation and love. In order to love others, you must first love yourself first, and then others, unconditionally. Unconditionally means to love the individual no matter what the individual has done. God loves us all unconditionally.

Laughter can also raise your energy and vibrations when things go wrong. It was my basis in California. When things happened to me, people could not understand why I laughed. When they asked why I laughed, I responded with, “What is the alternative?”


Wishing you love –  and laughter – in all that you do,




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