How Do You Find Your Truth?


What is true in one moment may not be in the next moment. An example might be you are thinking or worrying about the past or future and the next moment you may be laughing about something someone says to you. In third dimension, you are operating or thinking about the past or future. A good laugh will usually bring you into the present time.

In present time, you are dealing in a higher dimension where there are different rules. Each dimension has its own characteristics and layers within it. Growing up, relatives and others have given you their truths and beliefs. You make them your own until you realize they are not yours and begin to search for your own truth. Have you questioned the beliefs you hold or sorted through them to see if they were mom’s, dad’s, a teacher’s, etc.

For me, I asked my first teacher, who was in total bliss, how to find my truth. He said he had nothing to teach me; I already knew it all. The answers were all within; they are for each of us.

So how would I recognize my truth? James would always say, “If I tell you, it is just a story. If you experience it, then it is your truth.” My writings come from my experiences. When the archangels and Sri Yukteswar give me the information, I usually have some background which helps me to understand it more readily.

As we continue with the transition from third to fifth dimension, many individuals are finding more unsupportive thoughts and past events coming to mind. Practice being more aware of your thoughts. When negative thoughts from the past begin to run through your mind, say mentally or out loud, “That was then and this in now and I’m okay.”

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